By Ayman Haydar

Let’s begin with our #publishers    Two years ago we started work on a program to help publishers with their back end UX/UI and their #adtechnology capabilities to offer this impression, whether that was through a private marketplace or exchanges.    It will come as no surprise that there’s been a lot of learnings during that journey.   However, one thing’s for sure; more needs to be done before we can actually start comparing this part of the world with more advanced markets.   So, what’s next? Involve others, get different perspectives, collaborate.  MMP World Wide invites anyone who works in the same field to come and sit with us at a round table and discuss further what needs to be done.    Together, we can identify best practices, consider all angles and put benchmarks in place that work for the region.    Credit where it’s due as well – I have to give a shout out to our tech partners at Google MENA – The Publishers Team & Bruno Bianchini who have been extremely helpful in supporting us so far with this. Whether working with us on specific publications, or showing us best practices from around the globe, it’s this kind of #collaboration which will help secure change for the long-term.