By Ayman Haydar

Last week I started a series about ‘The Impression Journey’, highlighting the work we do with #publishers and why collaboration is key to securing change for the long-term.   Today, I’m shining a light on #adtech and looking at why people continue to complain about why some tech players are so dominant in our market.    I would say the power of the ad tech provided, combined with the #customerservice they give, allow them to gain a much bigger market share than other players.    The ‘go big or go home’ #strategy still prevails, especially in times when the economy is struggling, and people are not ready to invest more into this industry.  That doesn’t mean that we only work with one ad tech provider though. We always welcome and test new #technologies to make sure our #clients and #agencies are getting the best offering to reach their goals and generate a decent ROI.   Equally, we want to give the #opportunityforall different players to step up and show their capabilities. It’s all about balance and utilising the tech which makes the most sense for the #campaign you are running.