Last week, Brainscape celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dubai. Created to bring together all the key stakeholders across the digital ecosystem, this year’s conference examined what it takes to be a CHALLENGER brand today, and featured a range of global experts in their respective fields. 

As the sole sponsor for the event, MMP World Wide created two activations that would complement the theme of the conference, and show delegates how creating experiential worlds in the form of gamification, can help brands connect with the jaded audiences of today.  

We wanted to illustrate how the past can influence the future, especially as the event’s theme focused heavily on the journey Brainscape has taken since its inception in 2010. Innovation isn’t always about creating something new, but about reimagining and re-tweaking existing concepts and making them work for today’s audience, which is what we did with our booths. 

Our first activation station (Retro Revival) showcased the popular arcade games of the past, Pac-Man and Mortal Kombat, to tie in with the ‘retro’ trend we’re now seeing consumers engage with, whilst our second activation (Cyber Challenger) raised the bar in terms of what VR is now capable of. Using the latest technology, we took the user experience to the next level, fusing nostalgia with an immersive experience that put them in the heart of the action. 

For us, we wanted to show how gaming can be fun, yet still provide a purpose. Using technology in this way is the perfect way to connect with people; it’s not to be feared, it can be engaging and add an extra layer of depth to any kind of campaign, which proved a big success on the day.