Every year, Campaign Magazine hosts their MARCOMMS 360 conference, which brings together key figures from the worlds of marketing, communications and technology to consider the next big trends that will shape the industry for the coming 12 months. 

Our Deputy GM, Nader Bitar, spoke about the ‘Top 5’ Programmatic Talking Points for 2020, looking at tangible concerns that ad tech is facing right now and providing actionable insights for marketers, publishers and agencies alike to utilize. 

The biggest takeaway from Nader’s presentation was the return to humanity in business, specifically with a focus on how ‘the human factor’ will power the next wave of innovation within the programmatic industry. 

This was a view shared by other speakers too; ultimately as technology advances, humans will share equal importance in working with, rather than against the machines to improve both efficiencies and output overall. 

Other highlights from the programmatic predictions included what will come next after the so-called ‘cookiepocolypse’, why data and storytelling will become further interlinked for future campaign success, and why we all need to be in the business of ‘enter-gagement’ when it comes to measuring effectiveness. 

For a more in-depth look at what was discussed at this year’s conference, stay tuned for Campaign Magazine’s Annual Predictions Issue and check out Nader’s own Linkedin page for further insights coming soon.