Designed to drive innovation & technology for marketing and sales professionals, MMPWW partnered with this year’s Marketing & Sales Show as a Gold sponsor. 

Providing insight on programmatic advertising best practice, the emerging AdTech trends to watch out for, and how the age of automation isn’t something to be feared, but celebrated as the key to sustained growth and better inventory monetization overall. 

Our dedicated Sales Team manned the MMPWW booth for two days on the 26th & 27th November, and also hosted 1-1 sessions at the ‘Drop-In’ clinic, going in-depth on topics such as how to successfully utilize programmatic in your digital strategy, as well as more on the importance of Brand Safety and Viewability in creating an open and transparent ecosystem for all involved. 

A big thanks to everyone who helped us bring our ‘Programmatic. We Make It Simple’ messaging alive. Our presence across the event and social media ensured great visibility for the MMPWW brand. See you next year…