A few months back, I decided to look at the impression journey and how it impacts everyone in the ecosystem. Now I thought I’d talk more about #programmatic at large, what’s coming and how we all need to make necessary changes… even if the unknown scares us.    Programmatic is always evolving rapidly. Roadrunner has nothing on us when it comes to pace of change. As an industry, we need to keep up and ahead of the curve.    For us, we’ve always had #dataandanalytics at the core of our offering and in each activity we do. Be it enriching our data offering, partnering with more data sources, or using the latest #technology to ensure we gather data in the most compliant way possible.     That’s what we do. It’s what we’re known for. What’s the next rabbit to come out of our hat? We will continue to up our game and push onward. No rest, no playing it safe.    When it comes to a 100% #cookielessfuture we started early, preparing, getting ahead. We built the foundation. We committed to it fully, regardless of the disadvantages it may present right now, compared to others who still rely on #cookiebasedtargeting.    The way I see it is, this may be a disadvantage for now, but in the future it will give us a very big advantage. We’ll have the knowledge, the experience and the know-how to lead #digitaladvertising into its next evolution.   My advice is to make the tough decisions now. Embrace #change. Be scared of it even, and then, do it anyway.